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HexEdit Pro is shareware which means you can try it before you buy.  The trial version has all the features of the full version; the only difference is that after 30 days you get messages reminding you to purchase.

Product Cost
HexEdit Pro $50 US *
HexEdit Pro Upgrade  $20 US *

* All prices are in US dollars

Ordering Process

We encourage you to try the software before purchasing it.  The normal process is to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the software.
  2. Try the software for up to 30 days to determine if it is suitable.
  3. Purchase on-line at PayPal (see below for other payment options).
  4. Enter the activation code that is sent to you.
Tip - light bulb

To obtain your activation code immediately upon payment you must use the PayPal option.  (The activation code will also be emailed to you later.)  You can pay with a credit card using the PayPal option.  If you use RegNow or another option your activation code will be emailed to you within two working days of receiving your payment.

Payment Methods

There are several ways you can pay for HexEdit Pro.  We recommend that you pay on-line with PayPal to obtain your activation code now, whereas other methods use a manual process and require more time.

  1. PayPal Account.  An activation code is generated immediately and a confirmation email is sent.
  2. Credit Card.  You can also pay through PayPal with a credit card.  You don't need a PayPal account to do this.
  3. Email.  If you have a PayPal account you can email us a payment to
  4. Credit Card with RegNow.  An activation code will be emailed to you within two working days.
  5. Check or money order.  Please send to PO Box 2117, Normanhurst NSW 2076, AUSTRALIA.

Note: You must provide a valid email address so we can send your activation code.

Upgrade Policy

After purchasing the latest version of HexEdit Pro you are entitled to use the next released version at no cost.  For example, if you buy HexEdit Pro 4.0 you can also use HexEdit Pro 4.1 but will need to buy an upgrade for 4.2.

After purchasing HexEdit Pro you are entitled to upgrade to the latest version for at least two years and three versions from the date of purchase.  For example, you may upgrade to HexEdit Pro 4.0 if you currently own HexEdit 3.4.

Refund Policy

We rarely get requests for a refund.  Since HexEdit Pro is shareware you can download and try it before you buy.  There would be no reason to purchase it unless you are completely happy with it.

Generally, we do not give refunds, since once you have an activation code for the software it is impossible to prove that it is not being used.  In rare circumstances, such as duplicated orders, we will issue a refund upon request.