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This roadmap shows where Hex Edit has blazed new trails and where it is going next.  Note that Hex Edit firsts have been highlighted below in red - some of these trail-blazing features have since been copied.

Hex Edit Pro 4.2

This release is due late 2012.  Major features include:

  • Plug-in system with plug-ins for ADS, ZIP, Structured Storage, hex text
  • Bookmarks folders (like Visual Studio 2010)
  • Advanced split/merge facility
  • Template include ability
  • New Aerial View options

Hex Edit Pro 4.1

This release is due mid 2012.  Major features include:

  • Advanced file compare facility
  • Preview in file open dialog, recent file list, and Explorer window
  • Improved Bookmarks window
  • Windows 7 taskbar support
  • New SHA2 commands
  • New CRC commands
  • CRC dialog that allows calculation of any CRC with ability to save/load settings
  • Ability to search the recently opened file list, including keyword search

Hex Edit Pro 4.0

Released 14th December 2011.  Major features include:

  • New GUI including improved docking
  • Character area can display using any Code Page (including UTF-8)
  • Template fields can be assigned a color for highlighting in hex area
  • Windows 7 style information dialogs
  • Many dialogs now have "Don't ask/tell me again" checkbox
  • Improved resizing of Properties dialog, Calculator, etc
  • Background statistics (runs in low-priority thread)
  • New Count Properties page to display graph of byte counts
  • New Checksum Properties page
  • Calculator now supports infinite precision integers
  • Calculator now has visual display of bottom 64 bits
  • Calculator now supports working with any number of bits (not just 8,16,32, 64)
  • Calculator now supports any base (radix) up to 36, optionally signed/unsigned
  • Calculator now displays the full expression that is being generated
  • Full calculator history (including result in tip window)
  • New options for how clipboard is used (including "hex text")
  • New options for deciding on default directories for open and save-as
  • Keystroke macros can now be permanently assigned to a toolbar button/menu item/keystroke

Hex Edit 3.6

Released 11th May 2011.  Major features included:

  • Copy/paste data of any size (using temp file if too big for clipboard)
  • New SHA1 and CRC commands
  • New Close Others command
  • New Aerial View menu
  • Move bookmarks simply by dragging
  • Current Info Tip byte is highlighted
  • C/C++ parser now supports latest C standard, including variadic macros
  • Expressions now support ++ and -- operators

Hex Edit 3.5

Released 15th April 2010.  Major features included:

  • Aerial View
  • New shaded toolbar buttons
  • Floating templates
  • C/C++ parser for generating templates
  • New video tutorials hosted by YouTube

Hex Edit 3.4

Released 29th April 2009.  Major features included:

  • New calculator facilities including ability to evaluate any type of expression (int, real, bool, date, string)
  • Navigation Points
  • Full control of hex/decimal ruler numbers, ticks etc

Hex Edit 3.3

Released 16th July 2008.  Major features included:

  • Improved Options dialog with tree control
  • Ruler including handles for adjusting row size etc
  • Highlighting of cursor and mouse positions
  • Explorer window
  • Floating Point page now supports Real48 (Turbo Pascal/Delphi)

Hex Edit 3.2

Released 18th February 2008.  Major features included:

  • Info Tips
  • Category, keywords, comments can be associated with a file
  • All operations adjusted to work on unlimited size selections
  • New Save All and Close All commands
  • Date Properties page now supports time64_t
  • Floating Point Properties page now supports C# Decimal
  • Byte page now supports displaying the current character using any Code Page

Hex Edit 3.1

Released 15th November 2006.  Major features included:

  • Faster, more-reliable installer/uninstaller
  • Disk editor
  • Many new functions for use in expressions
  • New commands including MD5

Hex Edit 3.0

Released 7th January 2005.  Major features included:

  • New "stacked" mode as requested by several users
  • Change tracking (shows insertions, deletions, replacements)
  • New repair commands
  • Major template additions including JUMP and EVAL
  • New insert block command filled in many ways
    • string of characters
    • hex digits
    • from clipboard
    • integer and floating point numbers
    • random values (with ranges)

Hex Edit 2.6

Released January 2004.  Major features included:

  • Ability to create a new file and fill it in many different ways
  • copy to clipboard as text in many different formats
    • C/C++ strings
    • C/C++ arrays: char, int and floating points formats
    • CSV integers or floating point values
  • Many new commands for performing operations on the selection
    • unary operations: NOT etc
    • binary operations take other operand from calculator
    • assignment operation
    • random fill

Hex Edit 2.5

Released February 2003.  Major features included:

  • Advanced template system
  • C-like expressions (used in templates and jump tools)
  • Bookmarks
  • Advanced Find and Replace Options
  • Printing improvements including option to only duplicate lines once with count
  • Recent File Dialog

Hex Edit 2.2

Released March 2002.  Major features included:

  • Toolbar drop-list for selecting display area (hex/char/both), character set, etc
  • Color schemes including byte ranges
  • Import/export using hex text, Intel-hex and Motorola-S formats
  • Added Date page to Properties dialog
  • New CRC and checksum commands

Hex Edit 2.1

Released June 2001.  Major features included:

  • Maximum file size limit lifted from 2 GBytes to virtually unlimited
  • Window tabs (top or bottom of main window)
  • Highlighter allows making of discontiguous selections
  • Encryptions commands
  • Better printing: margins, headers, footers, line spacing, etc
  • Keymap
  • Shadow cursor
  • Added File page to Properties dialog
  • File Filter list

Hex Edit 2.0

Released March 2001.  Major features included:

  • Major GUI improvements
  • Customization of menus, toolbars, context menus, keyboard, etc
  • Toolbar button image editor
  • User-defined tools
  • Window Manager
  • Search and jump tools on Edit Toolbar
  • Commands for working with large files such as Append Selection to File
  • Conversion commands: ASCII <-> EBCDIC, etc
  • Autoscroll acceleration

Hex Edit 1.2

Released September 2000.  Major features included:

  • Full calculator (including full integration with macros)
  • Easy selection length display by holding down the SHIFT key
  • Editing of values in the Properties dialog
  • Display of Unicode characters in Byte Properties page
  • Toggle any bit by double clicking the binary value in Byte Properties page

Hex Edit 1.1

Released July 2000.  Major features included:

  • Background searches (in low-priority thread)
  • Save macros to file
  • IBM/OEM character set display
  • Ability to abort long operations (macros, searches, compares)

Hex Edit 1.0

Released 1st January 1999.  Major features included:

  • Ability to edit files bigger than memory (up to 2 GBytes)
  • Multiple document interface
  • Binary and text clipboard support
  • Full support for ASCII and EBCDIC
  • Unlimited undo (including undo of display changes)
  • Keystroke macros
  • Printing and print preview
  • Modeless Properties dialog displaying integer, floating point, character set info, etc
  • Simple searches: hex or text
  • Simple file comparisons
  • Complete display control (font, font size, etc)
  • Autofit, insert/overtype, read-only/writeable modes
  • Many byte, word, double-word and quad-word operations including inc, dec, etc
  • Optional character area
  • Comprehensive help